MotionPro! Advanced Coach Features





  • Thumbnail Video File Explorer With Integrated Student Management
    Our graphical video file explorer helps the serious coach stay organized and quickly locate video files. Files are organized under Students or Pros, and further organized into three subcategories, "Down the Line Views", "Front Views", and "Other Views".  You can easily add/remove students and videos, and quickly locate the videos you wish to present. No more searching through confusing windows folders looking for the files you need!
  • Dual Camera Support
    Connect any two cameras to your computer, and capture video simultaneously! You can use any combination of capture devices, such as: Firewire/Firewire, USB/USB, Webcam/Webcam, Firewire/USB, Firewire/Webcam, or USB/Webcam. Each camera must be attached to it's own capture device, USB port, or Firewire adapter.
  • Magic Mirror Mode
    This feature allows you to use all of the drawing tools on top of Live Video! Place a video screen in front of your student, and draw diagrams, target positions, "reach points", etc. Allow your student to see himself from any camera angle while demonstrating the proper positions for him to achieve. Works great in Full Screen preview mode!
  • Auto-Zoom Mode
    MotionPro! automatically zooms the video image and live video preview image to fill the window as you resize it. No need to manually zoom in or out.
  • Auto-Record Mode
    In this mode MotionPro! will automatically begin recording each time you open the "Capture New Video" panel. When the recording timer expires MotionPro! will automatically open the "Video Analysis" panel and begin playback in slow motion.  When you are ready to capture a new video, simply click the "Capture New Video" tab and the cycle will repeat. When used in conjunction with the "Auto-Seek" and the "Full Screen Auto-Coach" features you can Coach with minimal computer interaction.
  • Auto-Coach Mode (Hands Free Coaching)
    In this mode MotionPro! will automatically cycle between recording sessions and slow motion playback sessions in a continuous loop, with no interaction on your part! Set the recording timer, and then enable Auto-Coach mode. MotionPro! will automatically begin recording. Once the recording timer expires, MotionPro! will automatically open the "Video Analysis" panel and begin playback in slow motion. The video will play one time, after which the cycle repeats. When used in conjunction with the "Auto-Seek" and the "Full Screen Auto-Coach" features you can Coach with no computer interaction.
  • Auto-Seek Mode
    Each time a video file is opened (such as after making a new recording) MotionPro! will automatically select the final 3 seconds of the video for playback. This allows you to run the recorder with a lengthy timer, and to simply select the Video Analysis panel shortly after the desired motion has been captured. MotionPro! will automatically select just the last three seconds of the video for you to work with.
  • Video Mixing
    Take any two videos and mix them together to form a single video file. The two videos can be merged together in 4 different ways:
    • 50% Reduction side-by-side layout
    • 30% Reduction sideo-by-side layout
    • 1/3 Overlay layout
    • Hi/Low layout (merges two 50% reduced side-by-side videos into a single 4-way video)

50% Reduction Side-by-Side Mix

30% Reduction Side-by-Side Mix

1/3 Overlay Mix

Hi/Low Mix

The Thumbnail Video Explorer