Customer Feedback


"I had a chance to run your program, it is so cool.  I'm 59 and not much amazes me anymore,

but your program is so simple to use, easy to understand, and works like you said it would."

Gregg Pauley - Pierre, SD

I love MotionPro -- it has helped me improve my golf swing like you wouldn't believe. Someday I will send you a video of my swing, to compare alongside Tiger ... OK, I better not get carried away.
Dave Dole
Oregon, USA

"The software has already paid for itself. It's already helped me a lot. I have a couple of friends who want to try it out too. For the price it was exactly what I was looking for.

Fred  Huttel, Erie PA

Bowling Coach

"I am a bowler and I have found that your software has helped me greatly improve my game.  I recently bowled my first sanctioned 300 game and last night I bowled 290."

   Filip Mazur - FL



We are proud to share a few of the many positive comments we have received from our customers.

"I purchased MotionPro! to analyze my golf swing. I am still getting myself familiar with the software, but already find it very useful and interesting. It is so easy now to see what my coach keeps saying that my swing plane is too steep and more out to in that creates fade/slice.  This is in my opinion an absolute great product that every serious golfer should have."
Best regards,
Thomas M Handojo
Singapore 629156

"I purchased the first edition of your sports analyzer software for golf back in July, 2004. At that time it was very effective and a great value. Today itís 100% better with all the free updates. I really like the ease of use and especially the kite tail.  I am very impressed that the updates are free, most places charge for upgrades."

Don Kelly
Pottsboro, TX

"I was amazed, and to be honest, surprised by what I learned in less than 30 minutes with my MotionPro! software. It was unbelievable how different my mental picture was from my actual golf swing. I could not believe that after more than 20 years I had such a fundamental swing flaw, taking the club back far too upright and outside."

"After just a few sessions with the swing motion analyzer I hit the best golf shot of my life, holing out from 130 yards on a par 5. Only one word can describe the feeling of that shot: euphoria! I am finally taking my game to the next level. Thank you for a great product at an incredible price!"

Al Curtis
Garner, NC