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Standard MotionPro! Features
All versions of MotionPro! include the features listed below:

  • Integrated video capture, including support for firewire!
    Our integrated video capture panel allows you to capture video directly within the analyzer. If you are using a firewire camera you can even control the tape from within MotionPro!
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
    From our unique "mouse vcr controls" to our icon driven tools to our automatic hints, you'll find that our GUI is both simple and effective, helping you perform effective video analysis using the fewest clicks/keystrokes possible.
  • Angle Measurement
    Measure any angle on screen. A great tool for comparing positions between two players or to see if you are really making the needed adjustments in your mechanics.
  • Drag and drop support
    Simply drag your video file onto the MotionPro! screen, and it will automatically load for analysis.
  • Stopwatch timer
    This features allows you to measure time in milliseconds between any two positions.
  • Textual remarks, comments and observations
    Using our simple text editor tool, you can now place text on top of your video! When you create a custom video file using our Export feature, your text is also included along with your markups. Text also appears on all still-shot pictures you export/print. An excellent tool for coaches who want to pass along tips or drills to their students.
  • Single click, timer-based Recording
    Set the timer, hit the record button, and then proceed with the motion without worrying about "stopping" the recorder. MotionPro! will stop recording automatically when the timer expires.
  • "Mouse VCR" logic
    Control the video players start/stop/reverse/and single step functions simply by "clicking and dragging" over the video image. Double click to toggle playback mode. When "stopped", click and drag to the left or right and the video sequences forward or backward.
  • Watch your movement in fluid slow motion as slow as 1 frame per second, or speed it up to "ludicrous speed" faster than 1 frame every millisecond, or even faster. You will be amazed at what these two extreme views will reveal! Forward or reverse playback is available at any speed.

  • Draw lines, circles, or rectangles, grids, face-on diagrams, and more in various colors to identify key positions, "the slot", head and leg movement, the spine angle, club position, etc.

  • Our unique "Autoreverse" button allows you to continuously study any segment of your movement by repeatedly playing the segment in both directions. This feature alone will probably tell you more than you ever imagined about what is going on in your mechanics!

  • Keyboard & mouse shortcuts are available for most functions (Zoom In/Out, Play/Pause, Step Forward/Reverse, etc.) Shortcuts are logically positioned and easy to learn.

  • The Pan Feature allows you to move the entire video image around on the screen, so you can zoom in to any level, and see as much detail as you like!