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Fully integrated BRAND NEW, turnkey coaching stations!

We are proud to offer turnkey coaching solutions for those who want to buy a complete package with no worries about integration. Our integration team tests each coaching station we ship to guarantee a fully functional package to each customer. Your laptop will be configured so that it automatically starts our video analysis coaching software upon booting. Just turn it on, and you are ready to coach!

How do we do it for this incredible price? We purchase  BRAND NEW equipment world class manufacturers Gateway, and pass our savings on to you!  All products are shipped to you in their retail packaging, complete with full manufacturers documentation, cables, cds, accessories, etc.

Minimum Laptop Specifications:

  • A  NEW laptop Intel ICore Duo processor  complete with manufacturers warranty.

  • 64 bit Processors for BLAZING SPEED!!

  • Widescreen display perfect for coaching

  • 500 gig hard drive or larger

  • 2 Gig ram

  • CD/DVD Writer

  • 3-4 USB  ports

  • Miniature optical mouse


  • 1 HighDef Hard Drive Video Camcorder
  • 30FPS and 60 FPS capable
  • Tripod included
  • Factory New Manufacturers Warranty


  • USB Capture Device for Live feed
  • Capable of 400MBs transfer speeds
  • 25' composite cable connecting camera to laptop

  • Microsoft Windows  Vista Home
  • MotionPro! Instructors Edition software with integrated video capture support
  • Auto start configuration for instant coaching
  • Free tech support on software
  • Complete integration and testing of all components for guaranteed quality assurance.

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Fully Integrated Coaching Station  $2199.99

*We only ship complete systems within US.

Coaching Station $2199.99




Coaching station orders require 2 weeks for delivery. Faster delivery methods are available if you prefer. Please send an email to to inquire about other shipping arrangements and costs.

Note: We constantly shops for the very best prices on hardware, so your system may vary slightly from that described above. The description above is the minimum system you will receive. We usually deliver much better configurations than those described above, at the same price! We will always give you the best value for your money, so you can buy with confidence!