MotionPro! Screenshots Order our new golf comparison libraries and get
over 1.2Gigabytes of high quality video files!
  • Draw lines, circles, and shapes to clearly identify body movement relative to the address position.

  • The primary slider bar takes you directly you to any position. The auto-step control steps forward or reverse in slow motion. The single step buttons move one frame per click.

  • The mouse VCR controls gives you the ultimate in ease-of-use: just drag the mouse on top of the video to sequence forward  or backward!

  • The filmstrip display presents the video as a sequence of still shots.

  • You can view any range of the video within the filmstrip.

  • Use the skiprate control and tell MotionPro! to show only every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, frame to get even deeper analysis!

  • You can zoom in or out in this view, placing as many as 100 images on one screen, or as few as 4.

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