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Video Capture Devices

MotionPro! can capture video from any video capture device supported under Windows XP/2000/2003.  

VHS,  8MM,  Digital Analog or Firewire Cameras Mini
Digital still-shot cameras capable of shooting video clips Inexpensive

Prices for Belkin F5U208 USB Video Capture Device for PCs


One very popular video capture device is the USB Video Capture Device. Simply plug this device into your computer's USB port, and attach your VCR or Camcorder. This device will work with any video camcorder. And since it is a USB device, it works equally well on PCs or Laptops. Capable of producing video at resolutions up to 640x480!

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If you have a digital camcorder with a fire wire port (IEEE-1394), you may want to use a firewire connection. You'll have to choose between a laptop model or an internal PCI model for your desktop.



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Some of the newer miniature digital video cameras create video files automatically, and come with a built-in USB interface, so you need ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE to get your video into your computer!  These tiny cameras are absolutely amazing! Take still shots too!


You may also choose one of the many PCI video capture cards that are on the market. Plug your VCR or Camcorder into this device, and transfer your video into the analyzer! This card must be installed inside your PC.


Many of the newer digital cameras are capable of shooting video. The more "frames-per-second" the better you will be able to analyze your motion, so check your camera's capabilities (you'll want at least 10-15 FPS) . Digital cameras make a great alternative to take with you wherever you practice!

You can even use a low cost USB WebCam! With the webcam approach you could take a laptop to the driving range, bowling alley, or tennis court. Or record your motion at home (somewhere close to your computer since the webcam must be plugged into a PC to work).