Pauly Girl Fastpitch DVD

Plus Video Pitching Models for use with MotionPro!


Featuring Sarah Pauly---3 Time NPF All Pro
          As The Pitching Analysis Model

Video Models were created specifically to be used with MotionPro!


In this "High Performance Pitching" video the pitching motion is captured with a special high speed camera creating super slow motion that reveals what the human eye cannot see. Standard digital video is filmed at 30 frames per second. Our high speed camera films at 300 frames per second for the 14 phase of the pitching motion and then we kick it up to 600 frames per second to view the critical hip, shoulder, and finger release action. Key points define safe and efficient methods for developing your pitcher. The pitching motion is isolated into 14 phases to bring together the perfect pitch! You can view this DVD in its full length version or you can click on the menu to go directly to any of the 14 phases PaulyGirl DVD/Pitching Models


You can compare your pitcher next to Sarah
 using MotionPro! in any of the 14 key phases of the pitching
 motion......and check with the cue words and
 tips that are printed on each phase of Sarah's
 motion. Step by step analysis that shows you
 what keys to look for on each phase. Side and
 front views of Sarah with cue words on each 
 Instruction from All Americans that have
 played, pitched, and coached at elite levels
 of the game.


28 Video Clip Models are included of Sarah. Using MotionPro! you can easily analysis your pitching style using our side by side view and various other tools. You can purchase any version of MotionPro from our online software store.

Basic Pitching Mechanics "The Fastball"



Pauly Girl Fastpitch DVD/Pitching Models




Pauly Girl Fastpitch DVD/Pitching Models


Does not include MotionPro! Software. MotionPro! can be purchased under Software in our online store.